Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Weight Loss Guarantee...

So many people that have seen my posts about my weight loss have asked what I'm doing! So I will share! There is this AMAZING program and it is helping me shed weight, have more energy and even decrease my brain fog!

Let me back up just a bit and remind you of my days weighing 245 pounds, where you would hardly even recognize me. After losing two children, emotional eating was my thing! If you want to read more about that...here is the link (https://heatherearljoyinthejourney.blogspot.com/2012/03/im-starting-on-monday.html) You can even see what I looked like at that weight! But just a warning....Don't fall out of your chair!

So needless to say, I know how to lose weight because I have lost 100 pounds before and then gained some back and lost that, gained some back and lost that, gained back and lost that well you see the pattern. I have literally been a roller coaster throughout the years! Every time fall would hit and the anniversaries of losing both my kids the emotional eating would start right back! But the cool thing is that I know how many amazing products are out there. And I know what the perfect mixture for success is after gaining and losing so many times! I understand! But no more excuses! I want to be able to add that not only do I know how to lose weight, but that I also know how to keep it off!

I have used Advocare, Shakeology, Herbalife, Isagenix, Le-Vel, Melaleuca, Plexus, Shaklee, and even watched my mom have success with MediFast.

GUESS WHAT????? THEY ARE ALL GOOD PRODUCTS! THEY ALL GIVE YOUR BODY GREAT STUFF! (I have friends that sell just about all of the above, so if you are interested in any of them I can send you their way)

So here is the BIG SECRET of my weight loss....there is no secret! The best program is healthy eating and exercise and when it's combined is the key! It's always the key! Even with injuries and lots of them...it can work! I'm living proof! I have a bad back, terrible pain in my shoulder, a bad knee and foot pain! I even have pain in my arm by my elbow, (Have no idea what that is) But anyway, I know from experience that when the weight goes away the pain can diminish!

I believe in any of the above companies and believe that you can include any of them for your journey. I personally love the shake plans because I am bad about getting all the greens, and fruits and vitamins that my body needs. Back when I lost 100 pounds, I actually drank Slim Fast shakes. So I do a shake most mornings unless I want a healthy egg white omelette with veggies. Then I have a healthy snack, like sliced tomatoes, avocados or a boiled egg. Then I have another shake for lunch unless I want a salad. Then again I have a healthy snack, maybe almonds and a cheese stick. Then I have dinner, usually grilled chicken or fish and a green veggie like fresh green beans, snow peas or asparagus.

Then I add at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise. That's my plan and it works! Oh and lets talk exercise. I am all about simplicity and I also know how to control my mind to help my body do what I want it to do even when my brain wants to quit!

I play mind games with myself because I understand that its our brains that tell us that we cant keep going or that we are too tired. So I don't listen to myself! Here is what I do.... I am music motivated. So I get on the treadmill or elliptical and I listen to a song that pumps me up and I walk or jog to the beat. The different songs give me the slow/fast pace to increase fat burning. Then when I am wanting to stop cause I think I am too tired... The ending of a song has to fall when the treadmill time is ending in zero... So if those don't fall at the same time I have to go for another song! If after I have met my goal I just stop and get off and if it happens to fall just right... I get off and do another machine the same way! Its funny when you change the focus...you end up doing more! It's the same mentality when a road trip seems faster when you are talking to someone. Before you know it...you are there! So learn to trick your mind from thinking about the obvious! I am so good at this because its the main way I have learned to get through trials. Eventually, they end.

I know it is hard and I know its so individual. I know there are exceptions to everything and I know it doesn't work for everyone because of medical issues. But what I do know is that you are better when you are fit and healthy. Your mind, your thought process, your energy, your sleep!

I also know that the enemy, adversary, devil whatever you want to call him...likes us better when we aren't physically at our best! So it can hold us back in our lives. I have witnessed this first hand at times in my life! I am walking this path right now and already feeling amazing!

So start today! Do something to get back on track with your health and your fitness. Your best self is waiting! I know the MAJOR differences in me when I am exercising and healthy eating!


Wanna JOIN ME???? I can be your accountability partner!

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  1. love this! I'm motivated :) What an inspiration you are!