Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Biggest Lie...

This month our family chose to participate in a beautiful world-wide campaign called #lighttheworld. It is a calendar of opportunities to shine in an increasingly dark world. A chance to be a bright light to those around us and a shining example of Christlike love.

I decided that I would start a FB event to share this campaign with many friends that may have never heard of it. It received a great response and I have been uplifted and inspired by the posts that have been written there and also shared through the hashtag #lighttheworld. 25 ways to give for 25 days. Beautiful. Each day it provides a guide to focus on and actual ideas to follow the theme of the day through random acts of kindness.   

I received a message from someone in the group that said, "I could never write what I do with a hastag because I am afraid that people will think that I am tooting my own horn or that I am wanting to receive accolades." I have sat and pondered this for several days. As this is not the first time I have heard this. And actually at some point several years ago, I believed this.

Here are my thoughts in response... This is the biggest lie! What if every author of every incredible book that you have read chose not to write because someone might have thought they were tooting their own horn. What if an inspired speaker chose to keep their mouths shut and not share the beautiful life lessons that they have experienced, in fear that someone would think that they are only sharing for accolades. Think about the last inspiring movie you watched that changed your life and inspired you. 

I remember someone saying to me at one point in my life that I share too much. And you know what.. Back then I believed them. I became quiet. I stopped sharing. It was the most miserable time in my life. You see, I have learned through the years that my calling in life was to open my mouth and share my experiences. I always knew that I shared from my heart. I always knew that I shared because I truly had a testimony of what I was sharing. I shared because I was so excited to discover something that helped me grow or become better or stronger and I wanted someone else to have the same benefit. 

Some of the most beautiful experiences in my life have come from feeling inspired to share something and someone reaching out to me thanking me for saying something they needed to hear, or giving them an idea that brought them or their family joy. 

Through the years, I have heard that I share too much. I have heard that I am too open. I have heard that anyone that shares everything on FB is someone seeking attention. I have recently heard that quiet service is true Christianity. 

I have prayed about these very opinions and realized that that is exactly what they are... OPINIONS!

C.S. Lewis said it best...."Don't shine so that others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him."

We live in a world of blogs, and vlogs and YouTube and more blogs. People are moved by other peoples stories. That includes all parts of your story, even the random acts of kindness that you do for others. My favorite movies are the ones based on a true story. Your story is a true story and there are people that need your voice. 

In a world of stigma, shame, victim-blaming, and apathy, it can be terrifying to share your story or the things that you do for good. And it can be hard to always know who you can trust. 

But sharing these things can bless a life and heal a heart, and can help others along their journey. Choosing to share can give strength, give hope, or just remind someone that they are not alone. It can inspire a soul to do what you did and make it their own. Sharing about your random acts of kindness can inspire someone to go and do the same.

I remember sharing about what our family did for the homeless regularly. I had several people say they were so thankful we shared because they had always wanted to do something like that and we helped them realize that it doesn't take much to go bless a life. I shared about my random acts of kindness birthday last year and several others created similar birthday events to go bless others. That is the beauty of sharing.

Now there are hundreds of things that we do on a regular basis that we never share about. But when you feel inspired to share, you should share. 

I plead with you to not fall into the worry of what others may think of you! SHARE YOUR HEART, SHARE WHAT YOU DO, SHARE YOUR STORY! There are people waiting to be touched by what only you can share! Be a light! Shine your heart and light the world. 

Find joy in sharing your heart with others. As you share you will help others find Him.

Until I blog again...

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