Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My stupid, idiot brother!

Last night we had the chance to celebrate my brother, Chris! He is 3 years older than me. We had a wonderful time hanging together at a little hole in the wall restaurant in Dallas called Goodfriend beer garden and burger house. My brother's "good friend" (pun intended) Justin Cash was performing. He has a very successful band! It was AWESOME! (Look him up... Justin Cash Band)

So you are probably wondering why I would go celebrate with my brother if he is a "stupid idiot"

Last night after dinner we went to Braums. He was teasing me about my "Joy in the Journey" blog. I was on the phone with Shay and I could hear him talking. I then hear him say...her next blog is going to be titled, "My stupid, idiot brother” So here you go, Chris! 

You see, I am sure there were actual days that I felt that way about him... I can remember a few times growing up that I felt that way...Maybe a few just the other day? hahaha JK

So since he titled his own blog...I figured I would take this moment to dedicate this blog to him.

My brother Chris is a multi-talented guy with an ambition for life like no other that I know! He is a husband to his beautiful wife Sherry, he is father to their 8 wonderful kids! Hunter, Chloe, Emery, Noah, Landri, Delaney, um...who else...JK Danny (named after our father), and cutie pie Ainsley! That's 8 right? I didn't miss anyone? Nope...That's all of them! 

Chris is a musician and singer/songwriter. He plays the guitar and piano and melts your heart when he sings. I'm still waiting for a song to be written about me! JK! At least he can't ever say I haven't written a blog about him! One of his songs written for my son Shelby still pulls at my heart strings. He is a talented guy! 

He is intelligent, an innovator and an entrepreneur at his core. He and my sis-in-law own a restaurant called Scrumbscious Burger and Pie Company. It's not easy by any stretch to run a restaurant and it has stood the test of time and is a well-known favorite spot. It has required dedication like most couldn't even fathom. He has taken the opportunity to teach his children the power of hard work and molded them into kids that respect work and that is very uncommon in our society these days. 

Oh and you gotta go check out his restaurant in Mesquite. It has fresh burgers, hand-cut fries and pie shakes. Pie shakes are Sherry (sis-in-law) handmade pies slice mixed into ice cream blended into an amazing shake! Scrumbscious Burgers and Pieshakes 1151 E. Davis St, Mesquite, TX 75149    You can always catch him at his booth at the State Fair of Texas each year too! 

My brother and I are very different. But through the years have grown to respect each other’s perspective and views. I am the optimist and he isn't! Hahaha He is a "realist" and is a master at taking whatever comes his way. 

Since he's a very busy guy...many don't get the chance to know what a wonderful guy he really is. If you do, you are lucky! If you don' are missing out! 

He has a big heart and can make you laugh pretty much at any moment! Hanging at the restaurant after hours will always be a highlight in life! Whether we are singing or dancing, we definitley always laughing... it's always a fun time to be had! 

I respect him and I love him! Happy Birthday to my stupid, idiot brother! 

Love you, Chris!!!!!

Until I blog again, 

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