Monday, August 22, 2016

The ALL Encompassing Journey...

As my fingers hit the keys tonight my mind is flooded with so many thoughts. I have so much to share and I hardly know where to start. In a previous blog I shared about moving to Lubbock and a little about how that choice came about. Here is the link to the blog that prefaces this one.

I decided to share a little more in depth about our journey. Let's see... So just to touch on a few rumors that I have heard...No, Shay and I are not separated... (hahaha) No, we didn't move because business was bad. No, I didn't move because I can't live without Hayley. No, I am not putting my kids before my husband. We moved because God spoke and we listened. 

This life is for growth and learning to become the best that we were created to be. I have learned that, this kind of growth requires change. In several seasons of my life I have heard the spirit whisper to me what the focus of my life should be at any given time.  Almost 7 years ago, he placed it in my heart to really focus on overcoming a weakness of mine. I purchased the book titled, "Organizing for Dummies."  I was not blessed with the natural ability to organize or complete any big projects in an orderly manner. After reading that book, I learned that I would be a much better me if I could aquire this set of skills. 

So I began my journey of increasing these skills to grow in this area. I was slowly improving. I remember how excited I was to get 3 boxes and label them "Keep, throw away, and donate" It was the first time that I had ever adopted that concept and I can still remember how liberating it felt. Since I had experienced a lot of loss in my past,  I tend to hold onto more things than I really needed.

So, I didn't quite get the hang of all I needed to know before we decided it was time to sell our home of 16 years in Garland and move to Forney to build our dream home. As some of you remember... right after we moved to Forney, we were hit by the F-3 tornado and had to live in a hotel for many months. Now in hindsight, that was my first experience of learning to live small. We were a family of 4 and a dog inside 4 walls for many months. I put some of my skills to the test and we not only survived, but we learned and grew.

When our home build was completed and we moved in....I was determined to have an organized home. The space was endless. The cabinets went on for days. The pantry and the master closet could be a small bedroom. With 5 bedrooms and storage areas everywhere, I thought that organizing would be easy with so much space. I was so very wrong. It didn't take long to realize that I couldn't handle that much space. Of course, every other aspect of living in our community was amazing. We truly cherished living in our home in the Devonshire community. It will always be a highlight. We are thankful for that chapter. However, i realized that I was going to need help to keep up with the demands of a home that large. I hired help to clean weekly, keep the yard, clean the windows and even pick up the dog poop. Sounds wonderful right? It actually was for a while. Although, all of the hired help allowed me to spend more time serving others and more time with my kids and more time  having lunch and dinner dates with my friends regularly...I was not feeling like I was following through on my duties of growing personally in certain areas.  I was actually becoming lazy and I remember one day in particular that I had the thought that I would just leave the dishes for the cleaning ladies since they were coming the next morning. It hit me that I had become so accustomed to someone doing all of these things for me. 

I asked myself, "What am I teaching my kids?" This is not me. But, it became so easy. I quickly decided that I don't want to be that kind of person. Life isn't meant to be easy! You are meant to dig deep and get messy. Then God placed this scripture in my heart and mind.

Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God. D&C 109:8

It was time to step up my game and do all I could to make this match my home in the area of "preparing every needful thing" and "a house of order." 

So the journey continued. Two years ago the word that I selected to be my focus was SIMPLIFY. Which went hand in hand with my Scentsy business as one of our core values is SIMPLICITY. I dove in head first and hired a dear friend to come and organize my home and help me eliminate the unnecessary. This changed my life. It wasn't without struggle but Heavenly Father was gentle with me and allowed me 1 year to figure it out and get the hang of it before calling us to Lubbock. 

After my house was all organized, I peeled another layer of the onion per say. I realized that I still owned too much. So, I began praying that I could understand more fully the principles of simplifying my life. The answer came to begin getting rid of much of what I owned. I purged and purged and purged some more. Then I purged again. Every purge, I was feeling lighter and lighter. With that bigger house came more stuff and with more stuff became more to care for and organize. 

Then back in March, Hayley and Jose moved to Lubbock. Despite what people said, I truly never thought that I would move to Lubbock also. Even with how close Hayley and I are... I really didn't think that would ever be a part of our plan. When all of a sudden about a month after they moved. I had a dream that we sold the house, sold 80% of what we owned and moved to an apartment. WHAT THE HECK???? SERIOUSLY???? NO WAY???? I even started looking at the only complex of apartments that had recently been built in Forney, still not knowing that Lubbock was in our future. 

After much prayer and contemplation... I was slowly shown that I had been being led up to this move to Lubbock for a while. I was being prepared in so many different ways. I quickly realized that we had been praying for a new school for Kolby and had even considered using my husband’s parent’s address and sending him back to Garland schools. We quickly realized that that wasn't the answer. We also, realized that Hayley and Jose were going to be having their first child and our first grandchild and with Jose in pre-med and Hayley having many dreams of her own to pursue. My being there would allow for her to pursue them. I had been praying and decided to finish my degree as well. And well Shay has been saying for 25 years that he always wanted to live in Lubbock and that we would someday. I always told him never. (Never say never)

The simplifying journey continued along with the intersection of everyone else in my family....  LUBBOCK WAS THE ANSWER. I purged some more and packed and prepared. Even as I loaded the truck...I got rid of even more. Every day I was shedding more and more. I only moved with what would fit in a two bedroom apartment. As I unpacked in my new place. Going from my 4000 square ft. home to an 1100 sq. ft. tiny apartment.... I wept! 

These were tears of JOY and freedom and a little from the drastic changes. After a fun bet with my husband... I had this place set up in 2 days. Organized completely and cleaned by me!!!!!!!!! Everything I brought fit, (with the exception of Christmas stuff that went to a small storage) clutter free and beautifully organized in my new space. Finally freed from the bondage of a large home, the upkeep and everything else that goes along with that. Even though our home hasn't sold yet, I have now learned that I never needed that much space. I am happier with less! Less is more! 

Kolby couldn't be happier! He loves it here! He will start his new school tomorrow and will be successful with a block schedule and a 7 am seminary start time. He is absolutely loving his coaches and new teammates that he has met. He loves his new YM leaders and has already made some friends. We are so happy for him! 

Hayley and I picked right up where we left off and are enjoying picking colors, and furniture to set up little Skyler's room. And of course, a tiny bit of clothes shopping. Ok maybe a little more than a tiny bit! hahaha

I wouldn't change my simplified life for anything. I am happier! I am actually organized! I have WAY MORE TIME! My mind is simplified! I am not overwhelmed with tasks to do! I don't have the guilt hanging over my head that I am paying someone to do everything anymore! I have gained back my self worth of handling my own stuff and self reliance! I am cooking almost every day!  I am reading again! I am listening to relaxing music! I have more time to focus on my business! I have more time to think and feel and write! I have more time for what matters most! 

The Lord led me and my family to ABUNDANCE! We sacrificed our home and gave up so much and in return gained so much more! I feel so blessed to be here and feel the warmth and kindness of this city. I already love my new church family. I have found the homeless here in Lubbock and can't wait to start serving however we can. I also found a new place to serve with the Special Olympics, and I can't wait! With all the money I will be saving from not paying someone to clean, I can do more random acts of kindness! Which is one of my most favorite past times! 

We thought we were moving here for a few reasons and were quickly shown that this was an all-encompassing journey for us all! I can't wait to see what shall come from this chapter! 

I have definitely learned that simplfying means to eliminate the unecessary so that the necessary can speak. 

More blogs to come on the downsizing and living small... I've learned so much and can't wait to share! 

Find Joy in the Journey of simplifying your life. I did it!  

Until I blog again, 

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